This is an unofficial name given to a certain prototype 2005 Furby that speaks using the voice of the 1998 Furbys. It was displayed at the International Toy Fair in New York during 2005.


This prototype Furby looks much like a regular 2005 Furby, but with some slight differences. The prototype appears to have larger ears than a regular 2005 Furby, and smaller pupils. Its beak appears to have a silicone/rubber cover on it. It has a tuft of fur at the top of its head, and a round patch of fur for its tummy which is larger than that of a regular 2005 Furby.


It can respond to certain commands. It can wiggle its ears and blink its eyes. Instead of using its feet to move from side to side while dancing, this Furby moves its body around in circles while standing in one spot. Unlike a regular 2005 Furby, this Furby can wiggle its ears and dance simultaneously. It's thought that this Furby, unlike the others, has more than one motor driving all the moving parts.



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