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A Shelby Story was written in 2001 and is on the Shelby manual. It describes Shelbys leaving the sea to befriend.


Shelby has arrived from under the sea, loveable and funny as a Furby. In fact, if you really want to know, Shelby is Furby's best friend from eons ago.
Shelby looks like a clam with a colorful shell, just pet Shelby's sides and Shelby feels swell. Shelby sees lights and hears sounds too, tickle Shelby's antennas and there will be surprises for you.
Shelby is happy and plays lots of games, one of Shelby's favorites has a familiar name. "Knock-knock," says Shelby, "Who's there?," the reply. Be ready to answer, and please don't be shy.
So open your heart and let Shelby in, A friend for life is what you will win. You'll learn a new language, and have fun too, Shelby will bring much happiness to you.