The Angel Furby is a special edition 1998 Furby.

Released in November 2000, the Angel Furby was released to celebrate upcoming Christmas. Only 10,000 were made, making this Furby very rare.


The Angel Furby has white body fur with tinsel. It has a white hair tuft and tail. The faceplate is white. It has white feet, white ear insides, white ear backs, and white eyelashes. 

It wears a golden halo and holds a golden harp. Two white angel wings sprout from the same place on its back.

Angel Furby's poem

Angel Furby dressed in white and gold,
On good authority, it is told.
Begins each day, thinking of nice deeds to do,
Benefiting mankind, and bringing happiness to you.
Angel Furby's halo shines very bright,
It can be seen morning, noon and night.
A circle of light that magically grows
It radiates love to everyone Furby knows.
A message of love, heard far and near,
From Furby's heart, that's crystal clear.
The harp Furby plays has an angelic sound,
Spreading good will, it can be heard all around.
Angel Furby's wings are spread open to all,
Enter with kindness and you will stand tall.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,
And above all to your own self be true


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