Autumn Furby is a 1998 Furby that is a special edition.


The Autumn Furby has orange body fur. It has black stomach fur, and a black tail. The faceplate is black. It has black feet, orange ear insides, black ear backs, and black eyelashes. 

It wears a tall black witch's hat with a green band.

Autumn Furby's poem

This poem is found on Autumn Furby's tag.

Furby loves the autumn time,
Leaves are falling; it's so sublime.
Furby says, what he likes most
Is that all the colors seem to boast.

There's so much orange,
yellow and red,
The trees, the leaves,
dance in Furby's head.
Furby is "noo-Loo" (happy) and
having "dah-doo-ay" (big fun)
In pumpkin fields, Furby loves to play.

Summer heat turns into autumn cool,
And Furby has gone back to school.
His friends, his teachers,
have all returned,
It's time to study, it's time to learn.

Fall says in every way,
it's the beginning of
a brand new day.
So, open your books,
and start anew,
Remember to yourself,
always be true.


A prototype for the Autumn Furby differs a little. This Furby has light orange body fur and It has black stomach fur. The faceplate is cream and It has black feet, white inner ears, black ear backs, and black eyelashes with unique black eyelids.


  • Also known as Witch Furby
  • In October 1999, the Autumn Furby was released.
  • It features Halloween-like colors, and an inspirational quote on its tag.
  • 250,000 were produced, making this easier to find.




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