Baby Brainy is a 1998 Furby rip-off B/O Electronics which is only known to have been distributed in the U.S. 


Baby Brainy's appearance usually resembles a bear with round, circular ears and a yellow, pointed beak like a bird. It has two floppy arms and legs that stick out, a bear nose on its pointed beak, and a set of white eyelids. All Baby Brainy's are known to have gray eyes. The only three colors Baby Brainy was sold in include brown, white, and pink.

Bumble Bee Version

An alternate version of Baby Brainy exists, but it is very different in appearance compared to a regular Baby Brainy. It also seems to be rarer compared to a regular Baby Brainy. The appearance of the box it came in and the manual it came with remain unknown.


Its appearance resembles a bumble bee with shiny, gold wings and antennae made from golden pipe cleaners and yellow pompoms. It has a pointed beak, but without a bear noise on it. It also has a white stomach and two yellow feet. Because this version of Baby Brainy has no ears, it moves its wings up and down instead. 


  • Baby Brainy is virtually identical to Furbish, another Furby Fake by B/O Electronics, but with a different fur exterior and a bear nose painted on its' beak (in most cases.) 
  • It has been thought that the bumblebee version of Baby Brainy was a prototype, however, there have been other sightings of it appearing for sale on websites. 
  • Due to some close similarities with the Gizmo Furby, it is possible that Baby Brainy might have actually been a Gizmo Furby knockoff. 



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