Baby Loobie is a 1998 Furby fake made in 1999 by Rhode Island Novelty.


Baby Loobie looks like a small Furby plush with a keychain attached to its head. They come in a variety of colors and have small beady eyes. Their feet are usually orange, but some Baby Loobie's have feet that aren't orange. Their inner ears are usually pink, but some don't have pink inner ears. Their ears can look a bit circular or they can look a bit pointy like a Furby's ears. Their beaks seem to vary in shape. All Baby Loobie's have white manes on their backs which is where their battery compartments are located.


They can say a few of a Furby's exact phrases and sing only a few of their tunes when their feet, ears, or beaks are pressed. Some Baby Loobie's can say phrases which are different from other Baby Loobie's.


  • Most of the time, Baby Loobie's come with a tag that shows the Baby Loobie logo on the front, but strangely some Baby Loobie's can come with two tags. One tag will show the Baby Loobie logo on it, and the other tag will show the words "Official Y2K Bug" on itself.
  • Only some brown Baby Loobie's are known to come with a tag stating the company's name. Other colors which Baby Loobie comes in don't seem to show the name of the company.



Baby Loobie Demo by Kristopher Walker on YouTube

Baby Loobie Demo by Kristopher Walker on YouTube

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