Brrrbils are 1998 Furby rip-offs which were to be released in the late 2000s.

The Release of the Brrrbils

They were to be distributed internationally by Excitement, the sister company of Awesome Toys. Since no other sources of information regarding Brrrbils could be found besides an official YouTube demo, some people think that the Brrrbils were not released or that only a limited amount of them may have been released. It has been suggested that the toys in the YouTube demo could be prototypes,[1] while it has also been suggested that the toy's name or appearance could have been changed when released.[2]

The following excerpts from PR Newswire's website state that the Brrrbils were released: "Earlier this month at the internationally renowned Hong Kong Toy Fair, Awesome Toys' sister company, Excitement, launched Brrrbils to critical acclaim. Brrrbils are interactive, cryogenically-stored, temperature-sensitive toys. Priced at $24.99, they will be available later this year in mass market retailers throughout the world."[3] Though it was claimed that the Brrrbils were released and that they would be available internationally, not many sources of information regarding Brrrbils or pictures of them have been found.


They are made from plastic and appear to have no fur on them except on their backs. They have small plastic ears which can move up and down, eyelids that blink, and eyes which have lights that flash when it speaks. It has three toes on each foot and a mouth that looks like the end of a trumpet. Its stomach can glow, and its legs can move. Though their legs move, Brrrbils cannot walk. They are known to come in red, blue, or black with a yellow tummy.


According to the official demo on YouTube, Brrrbils are temperature sensitive toys. Allowing a Brrrbil to feel too warm would cause it to get upset until it is placed on its chill pad or in a fridge. Brrrbils speak a language called Brrrbilese[4] like how Furbys speak a language called Furbish. A Brrrbil can be interacted with by rubbing its back or tummy.

The Brrrbils' Official Website

The official website for the Brrrbils ( which no longer exists had information relating to Brrrbils and pictures of them.[5] Using a registration card that comes with a Brrrbil, you could register your Brrrbil on the website. It is not known if any Brrrbils on the website were sold. The URL of the website can be found on some websites which archive links to deleted websites.[6]

Save the Brrrbils (Website)

Nothing is known about this website. The link to this website ( has appeared on some websites that list the URLs of deleted websites. [7] This website was possibly created to support the release of the Brrrbils somehow, but it is not known if this website was official or if it was created by fans.


  • According to the YouTube demo, Brrrbils came from a place called Brrrbilia.[8]
  • The Brrrbil's logo looks slightly similar to the 1998 Furby's logo.
  • A fan who claims to have seen a photo of a red Brrrbil on an old website stated they vaguely recall that the website had a dark background with yellow and green text on it.[9] It's not known if or had this layout with the photo of a red Brrrbil, or if any other website had this appearance.






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