Cute Pet (also known as Music Pets) is a 2012 Furby rip-off distributed by Chuang Toys and S+S Toys. S+S Toys distributed this knockoff in Russia. This Furby fake is a rip-off of the 2012 Famosa Furby plushes.

Appearance and Functions

Cute Pet looks exactly like an officially licensed Furby plush, but much more rounder than one. They can move back and forth while wobbling from side to side as they move. They say some of the exact same phrases a 2012 Furby would say if it had the crazy personality, and they can repeat your voice twice after you say something to it. When it repeats your voice, it will move forward the first time, repeating your voice, before repeating it again and moving backwards.

List of Color Combinations

  • White with a pink eye frame
  • Pink with a blue eye frame
  • Yellow with an orange eye frame
  • Red with a purple eye frame


  • It is unknown whether if Chuang Toys, S+S Toys, or another company began producing these fakes first.
  • Despite being sold under the title, "Music Pets", there doesn't seem to be any difference from Cute Pet. Music Pets will perform the same functions as a Cute Pet. Music Pets don't play music or sing as the name suggests.
  • Several other knock-off toys besides Cute Pet have been sold under the name "Music Pets".
  • Two other toys have been sold under the name "Cute Pet" by Chuang Toys. One is a bootleg toy which appears to be based off a Disney character named Wall-E, and the other is an owl. 
  • In an official demo by Chuang Toys, a Music Pet was making some sounds a character called R2-D2 from StarWars would make. It remains unknown if some Music Pets and Cute Pets can do this, or if Cute Pets and Music Pets can only speak phrases a Furby can say.



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