The Dalmatian Furby the name given to a 1998 Furby from Generation 2. It was released in March, 1999.


The Dalmation Furby has white body fur with black spots that differ with each Furby. It has white stomach fur that merges into the body fur, and can also appear with spots. It has a white hair tuft and a white tail. The faceplate is white. It has white feet, white ear insides, black ear backs, and white eyelashes.


  • This Furby had a 2001 re-release, with an orange box, an updated story on the paper tag, a purple plastic tag, and some more eye colors outside of the usual brown, blue or green, including silver, neon green, and neon blue.
  • The Dalmation Furby was used in a Rainy Day Furby prototype, where it came with clothing.




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