Furby Dance Game

Furby Dance Game

The Dance Game is one of the four flash games that was located on the Furby website.

The 2012 Furbys need help to complete their songs. Use the left and right arrow keys to spring the four Party Rockers, Fussby, Twittby, Loveby, and Scoffby as they slide to the two circles on either side at the bottom. Bonus items such as a burger, a star, a fish and a bunch of grapes may also come down these slides.


  • The Cotton Candy Furby's eyes resemble the Pop Star personality eyes.
  • The Party Rockers' voices will come out every time you fling them.
  • When you press the left and right arrow keys, they go "Blah".
  • When you move on to the final round, the Furbys change characters and personalities.

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