Dubby is a 1998 Furby fake which speaks Furdish.


Dubby is quite similar looking to a 1998 Furby. They have what looks like paws or small hands at each side of themselves, and a white stomach. Their eyes are known to be either brown or gray, and they can have a faceplate which would either be black or white. 

Color Variations

Dubby is known to come in six color variations. This includes one with brown fur, and a pink tuft of fur on its head, and a pink tail, an all-white variation, a skunk variation, but with a black tuft of fur on its head, a leopard variation, a gray variation with pink fur on its head and for its tail, and another gray variation but with slight tinges of white in its fur.


  • All Dubby's have a tag that says "Dubby Toys" on it.
  • In 2000, the owners of the official French Furby website created a page on their website warning the website's visitors about fake Furby's. On this page the Furby fake, Dubby, is mentioned.



Demo of a Dubby by aibo7m3 on Youtube

Demo of a Dubby by aibo7m3 on Youtube

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