Eidolon Funny otherwise known as Clever Furby according to the Chinese version of the toy or Elf Musician (Эльф музыкант) according to the Russian version is a knockoff of a Furby BOOM!.


It has a plastic shell unlike the 2012 Furby, possesses a phone-like tummy, has an on/off switch, and has ears made from either silicone or rubber. They may come in pink, blue, yellow, or green.


Its tummy has several phone-like number buttons that you can press for a few different stories and songs. Its eyes light up and its ears change color when they light up. They can imitate anything you say, too. The toy sings a song called Ooh La La by Britney Spears from The Smurfs 2 movie.

Its Box

The boxes of some Eidolon's have a picture of a baby Eidolon (or Furbling) hatching from an egg on a phone though there is no app for this toy. The box art work for the English version of the toy plagiarizes most of the box art of a Furby boom while the Chinese version plagiarizes some of the box art for the 2012 Furby's.



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