In 2005, a new version of Furby Babies was released, with most notable features being the new look and a more "baby-ish" appearance in contrast to the corresponding 2005 Emoto-Tronic Furby adult. They also have considerably fewer features than the "adult" Furby, with a very limited vocabulary and a lower level of interactivity. Another notable feature of the 2005 Emoto-Tronic Furby Baby is the movable "legs" which unfurl when the Furby Baby is awake.


Although they were a European exclusive, they were sold in the US via the Hasbro Toy Shop website. In 2006, some Furby Baby's were sold with a Funky Furby in the same box, and on the front of the box, it would say "Exclusive Twin Pack". The voice provider for the 2005 Furby Baby's remains unknown, though it is likely that Patricia Thompson, the voice actor for the adult 2005 Furby's, voiced them. They retailed for approximately $19.99.

List of Emoto-Tronic Babies

Baby grey-pink-1
Sleepy Pink
Baby pink-white-1
Baby white-pink-1
Sleepy Purple
Baby yellow-pink-1a




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