The Funky Furby is a Special Edition Emoto-Tronic Furby. Released in 2006, it can dance to any music you play, and it can sing 3 short songs including:

  • Funky Furby Hip Hop
  • Sing Calypso Music, Be Happy All Day!
  • Twinkle Techno

List of Funky Furbys

S-l1600 (22).jpg
Pink & Yellow
King Funky.jpg
Purple & Green
Blue & Purple


Unlike the 2005 Furbys, each Funky Furby has a tail with different colors in it. Due to poor sales in the USA, Funky Furbys were only sold in Canada, Spain, Australia, and the UK. Some English Funky Furbys were sold with a Furby Baby in a box labelled, "Exclusive Twin Pack". Funky Furbys were sold for about 3 months in 2006 before being discontinued. This was around the time the 2005 Furbys production came to a halt.

Color Combinations

Funky Furbys were released in 3 color combinations: purple and two different shades of green, light pink and yellow, and a combination of two different shades of blue with purple and pink. The blue Funky Furbys were available only in Spanish, the light pink ones were available only in English, but the dark purple ones were available in both languages.

Lacking features

Unlike the Furbys released in 2005, Funky Furbys cannot play red light green light or tell a story. Though Funky Furbys sometimes ask "Where Furby Baby?" like the 2005 Furbys do, Funky Furbys cannot interact with 2005 Furbys or the 2005 Furby Babies[citation needed]. They also do not have a "Try me" power switch position.


Almost the entire original soundtrack for the commercial is currently lost. Actual footage of the commercial that was edited into a parody with the song Du Hast, is what remains of it. Only a few seconds of the commercial's original sound track can be heard at the start and at the end of the commercial. The commercial features two girls playing with a purple and green Funky Furby. At the end of the commercial, one green and purple Funky Furby is seen with a blue Funky Furby that sings like an English-speaking Funky Furby.




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