This page is for the Furby fake toy, Furbish. For the language, click here.

Furby's were so popular in their original years, that other companies began making Furby fakes. One of

those "Fakes" was the Furbish. Made by a German company called B/O Electronics (Most famous for their multiple iPod knock-offs, among others.) Furbish, along with other Furby knock-offs, was what led to the purple plastic "Furby Original" tag to be put on all Furby's afterwards so that people knew which Furby's were fake or not. Its voice is the same as Baby Brainy, Furdy, and many other Furby Fakes. Furbishes were sold more commonly in Japan than other countries. Japanese Furbishes have a slightly-modified vocabulary from an English speaking one, which includes singing and talking more, with some new words and sounds added in.

They can sing songs like "Old McDonald", "Twinkle Twinkle" and "Brahms Lullaby."


Furbishes can be tickled, pet, fed, and they can react to light, sound, and being tilted. Furbishes can also play games just like a Furby. They can play Furbish Says, Ask Furbish, and Hide and Seek. Their language is very similar to the Furby's language, also known as Furbish, however has some new words and some letters changed around. For example, "koh-koh", which means "again", is now "kah-kah". "Nee-tye" (tickle) is now called "noo-tye".



The bottom

They are similar to the Furby, but they have arms and a pointed beak. They have the shape of a heart on their light sensor. On the bottom it just says "MADE IN CHINA" and the product Number. Furbishes come in 3 color combinations: Black and White (pictured above), Pink and White, and All-White. The only known eye color of Furbish is Grey. The Furbish was advertised on the box as "JUST LIKE A REAL BABE!" What they're trying to say is "JUST LIKE A REAL BABY", which is nowhere on the original Furby's box.

The instruction manual For Furbish


  • They are not fine tuned, so even straight out of the box, they have trouble staying in sync.
  • After a month or two of regular play, the Furbish starts to malfunction. Therefore, most Furbishes that are not MIB are broken, however there are a few exceptions and there are still many Furbishes left working.

Sometimes to get them really working, reset them how you would do a Furby and then tap its bottom.



Demo of a Black Furbish

Demo of a Black Furbish

Furbish (Furby Fake) interacts with Japanese-speaking Adult Furby

Furbish (Furby Fake) interacts with Japanese-speaking Adult Furby

Furbish interacts with a Japanese adult Furby...