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This page is for the Furby fake toy, Furbish. For the language, click here.

Furbish (ファービッシュ in Japanese) is a Furby fake that was based off the original Furby toy. It was made by B/O Electronics, a company that produced many iPod knockoffs.


Furbishes speak Furdish, like many fakes based off the original Furby toy, however, the language is referred to as "Furbish" in Furbish's manual. They were sold more commonly in Japan than other countries. Japanese Furbishes have a slightly-modified vocabulary from an English speaking one, which includes singing and talking more, with some new words and sounds added in. Furbishes can sing songs like "Old McDonald", "Twinkle Twinkle" and "Brahms Lullaby."


Furbishes can be tickled, pet, fed, and they can react to light, sound, and being tilted. Furbishes can also play games just like a Furby. They can play Furbish Says, Ask Furbish, and Hide and Seek.


Furbishes are similar to Furbys, but they have arms with yellow paws, a heart molded onto their IR port, and a pointed beak. Furbishes have a white tag labelled "B/O Electronics". Furbishes usually have eyelashes that aren't as neat as those of a Furby.

Color Variations

Furbishes come in 3 color combinations: black and white, pink and white, and all-white. Furbishes only come with gray eyes, excluding the prototypes on Furbish's packaging, which have brown eyes. Some Furbishes that were sold in Japan have black eyelids instead of white ones. The names listed in the color chart below are unofficial.

Color Variations
White furbish.jpg
Pink furbish.jpg
Pink and White
Skunk furby furbish suit.jpg
Tuxedo Prototype
White furbish fake.PNG
Snowball Prototype
Pink prototype.PNG
Pink and White prototype
Pink and White with Black Eyelids[1]
Tuxedo with Black Eyelids[2]


  • Furbish was one of the knockoff Furbys which faced legal action. On the 15th of November, 1999, Furbishes in Japan were seized, and photos of many Furbishes that were seized, were taken at the Aichi Municipal Nishi-Biwajima Police Office.[3] It has not been confirmed whether the seized Furbishes became a part of an incident that occurred on the 29th of November, 1999 where 20,000 fake Furbys were shredded.[4]

Technical information

Main article: Furbish (Furby Fake)/Technical information
  • Furbishes have an infrared communication protocol compatible with 1998 Furbys.
  • Unlike the 1998 Furbys, they have only one microcontroller on their circuit boards as opposed to the SPC81A/TSP50C04 combination of the former. Its type and manufacturer are currently unknown.




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