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The original instructions (left) and dictionary (right) for Furby 1998.

Furbish is the language spoken by all Furbys and Friends of Furby.

The original 1998 Furby and its dictionary contained a total of 42 different Furbish words. Following Furby models introduced a larger vocabulary, from moo-lah (money) to oo-kah (uncle).


Furbish is formed from a mix of different sounds and syllables.

Although Furbish may seem silly at first, it uses concepts, possibly inspired by many languages - especially Japanese and German. The Furbish word "Doo?" is used in place of a question mark and "Wah!" in place of an exclamation point. "Doo?" is very similar to the Japanese word "ですか?" which is also used in place of a question mark. (Example, Furbish: "Doo-dah oo-nye may-may kah doo?" English (literal): Do you love me?")

A Furby starts off speaking predominantly Furbish, and slowly begins to speak more English/the language of the land over time. This is advertised as "learning to speak your language by talking to me", however a Furby will not learn words you expose to them. For example, a Furby won't start to say the word "pineapple" just because you repeat it to them. A 1998 Furby has four language development stages programmed that it will transition to the longer you interact with the Furby. Emoto-Tronic Furby, 2012 Furby and Furby Boom also work this way. Furby Connect does not have developmental stages.

All Known Furbish Words

English Furbish
Above/Up/High Oo
Affirmative Ee
Again/Another/More Koh-koh
And Koh
Ask Oh-too-mah
Baby Bay-bee
Bad Boo-dah
Be/To be Boh
Beautiful/Pretty Ee-kah
Best Dee-mak
Best fun/Radical Dee-doo-ay
Big Dah
No!/Big no Dah-boo
Big yes Dah-ee-tah
Birth/Birthday Tee-toh
Birthday Toh-toh
Boring Koo-dah-way-loh
Bottle Bah-bah
Change Boo-tay
Cloud Ay-loh-may-lah
Come/coming Bye-bye-oo-bah
Complete Toh
Cute Doh-dee
Dance Noh-lah
Delicious/tastes good Yumm-wah
Diamond Ay-koo
Dizzy Ay-way
Do Doo-dah
Dog Bar-bar
Done Toh-dye
Down Nah-bah
Dream Way-loo
Dude Dee-doh
Face Kay-tay
Feed/Food Ah-tah
Finally Oo-Tah-Toh-Toh
Friend/Buddy Noo-lah
Full Oo-loo
Fun Doo-ay
Funny Doo-loo
Game Doo-ay-loo-lah
Game over Kah boo Koo-doh
Genius Dah-way
Give Tah
Go/Bye/Get out Bye-bye
Good/Okay Ee-day
Good morning Dah-ay-loh-oo-tye
Good night Dah-ay-loh-nah-bah
Happy Noo-loo
Have Ah-mah
Health/Healthy Koo-doh
Help Ah-noo
Hey Hey
Hide Woo-bye
High Oo-tah


Home Lay-lah
Hug May-lah
Humor/Play/Joke Loo
Hungry/Eat Ay-tay
Interrogative Doo
Island Koo-wah
Joke Loo-loo
Just kidding/Not Kah-loo-loo
Kiss May-tah

Living things

Light Ay-loh
Lightness Ay
Like Toh-loo
Like/Similar to/comparative Tay
Listen Ay-ay-lee-koo
Little/Smallnesss Dee
Live Boh-dah
Log Tee-loh
Look Ay-ay
Love May-may
Love it Dah-may-may
Maybe May-bee
Me/Mine/Myself/I Kah
Money Moo-lah
Monster Moh-moh
Mountain Koo-dah
Move Noh-bah
Music Ee-kah-lee-koo
Negative/No/Stop Boo
No Way/Big No Dah-Boo
Noise Bah-boo
Now Nee-way
Oh Oh
Oh my gosh/OMG Oh-kah-tee
Ok Oh-kay
Over Oo-bah
Party/party time Dah-no-lah
Path Bye-way
Pet Ah-may
Play Loo-lay
Please Doo-moh
Pull Ah-loo
Rain Wah-wee-tee
Receive Tah-tah
Really?/Seriously Loo-loo-doo?
Rock (music) Boo-koo
Rock (nature) Koo
Sad Boo-noo-loo
Scared Dah-boh-bah
Sea Ee-wah
Shake Koo-bah
Sing Wee-tee
Sleep Way-loh
So Doh
Song Wah-tee
Sound Lee-koo
Stand Oo-boh
Story Wee-loo
Sun Dah-ay-loh
Sweet Nee-may
Tail Dee-tee-tah
Talk Noo-Noo
Tell Wee-tah
Thank Dah-kah
Thank you Dah-kah-oo-nye
That's right Boh-ee-tay
Thinking/Mind Way
Tickle Nee-tye
Time Toh-toh
Touching/holding Ah
Touch Tay-boo-koo
Tree Tee-tah
Twinkle Tee-wee-lah
Uh-huh Uh-huh
Uh-oh Uh-oh
Uh-uh Uh-uh
Uncle Oo-kah
Very Mee-mee
Wassup? Doo-oo-tye?
Water/Rain Wah
Water Wah-tah
Where are you? Oo-nye-doo?
Whoa Whoa
Wise/Wisely Way-lah
Wonder Way-nah
Worried Boh-bay
Yay Yay
Yea! Wah!
Yes Ee-tay
Yippee Yippee
You Oo-nye / U-nye


1998 Furbish-English Dictionary

Emoto-Tronic Furby Dictionary

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