Furby (plural Furbys) is an electronic-robotic toy. They have a beak, large ears, two feet, big eyes, and are covered in fur. They were first released in 1998 by Tiger Electronics (now owned by Hasbro), where its first model type, known as "1998 Furby" or "Classic Furby" continued to be sold for four more years. It had a very successful run, being a huge fad during end-of-year holidays of 1998, but popularity quickly started to diminish in 2001, and stopped production in 2002. In 2005, Hasbro had bought Tiger Electronics and owned the rights. They released a new, different model of the toy, known as Emoto-Tronic Furby. They came with voice recognition. These continued to be sold for two more years. In 2012, Hasbro released another new Furby model, known as "2012 Furby," which soon went on to be minorly revamped into "Furby Boom" the following year. 2012 Furby and Furby Booms both came with their own mobile applications, and they could change personalities depending on the types of interactions a person would have with them. In 2016, Hasbro released a new Furby model called Furby Connect, which was more advanced than previous generations, and had a heavy focus on its new corresponding mobile application, Furby Connect World. The Furby Connect is currently the last era of the Furby.

Furbys were the first successful attempt to produce and sell a domestically-aimed robot.


Dave Hampton and Caleb Chung spent around 2 years creating and designing the toy. Tiger Electronics bought the rights and started production. You can read more here: Furby (1998) Release.

Furby (1998)

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The 1998 Furby is the first generation of Furby. It has 48 regular released editions and several other special edition versions. It has a tickle sensor, tilt sensor, infrared port and light sensor with realistic eyes, and some have tails while others have manes. They do not have an app or voice recognition.

Furby Babies (1999)

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The Furby Baby is a smaller type of 1998 Furby. They have more vocabulary and have a higher-pitched voice. They change from furbish to the native language much faster than normal Furbys. Upon turning on a Furby Baby for the first time, it will ask if you are its mother or father.

Furby (2005)

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The 2005 Furby (also known as the Emoto-Tronic Furby) is a type of Furby released in 2005. It is currently the largest type of Furby ever produced. These Furbys were more advanced, as they had voice recognition, and the ability to portray a wide assortment of emotions.

Emoto-Tronic Furby Babies (2005)

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These have less features than the adult 2005 Furby, unlike the 1999 Furby babies. These were released in 2005 and have been sold as a twin-pack with Funky Furbys in 2006. These Furbys are smaller than the adults, and have a more baby-like appearance.

Funky Furby (2006)

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The Funky Furby is a "second generation" 2005 Furby. These have tails with different colors in them and could sing more songs than the original Emoto-tronic. These did not sell well, and were discontinued around the same time the 2005s were.

Furby (2012)

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In 2012, a Furby released with an electronic connection to an app. This Furby didn't have speech recognition. Its eyes are completely digital, which is very different to the original ones. It has 6 personalities.

Furby Party Rockers (2013)

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These Furbys don't have functional beaks and are quite small. These have lenticular eyes that change depending on the angle you look at it from, and their eyes light up as they speak.

Furby BOOM! (2013)

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This Furby is known for being extremely buggy, as its production was rushed to get them out by Christmas. However, it has many features, such as an upgraded app, more personalities, higher resolution eyes, and multi-colored patterns.

Furblings (2014)

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These are tiny plushies with beaks that aren't functional, lenticular eyes that change depending on your viewing angle, and a button inside that makes it say an assortment of random phrases. These can interact with Furby Booms, and look the same, except smaller.

Furby Connect (2016)

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The Furby Connect only comes in five colors. It has colorful LCD eyes, and an app that has features which are different from the Furby Boom and 2012 Furby app. It does not have a physical Furby baby like its predecessors, it only has Virtual Furblings in the Furby Connect World app.

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