Furby 1998
$ 27 (10)

Almost every single 1998 Furby from generations 1-7 and special editions with some Furby Babies, some Furby Buddies and a Furbacca.

Type Electronic Toy


Voice Actor

David Hampton

Tony Pope

Released: 1998 (20 years ago)




Let's Have Fun

Colors Produced:

46 Regular

24 Special Edition

1 Accidental


Tiger Electronics

TOMY (Japan)

Estrela (Brazil)

Hasbro Hellas (Greece)


Grand Toys (Canada)

GIG (Italy)

This article is about the 1998 Furby Line. For the 1999 Furby Babies click here. For the 2005 Furby's, click here. For the 2012 Furby's, click here. For the 2016 Furby Connect's, click here.
Furby is an electronic friend released in 1998 by Tiger Electronics Inc. There were over 46 colors for the Adult Line and 24 for the Baby Line, with 24 Special Editions, and many unreleased models. Its success in the 1998, 1999 and 2000 holiday seasons was due to its ability to "learn English", and the fact that each Furby can have a different name, eye color and voice pitch.


Released on October 2nd, 1998, the Furby was a major success both critically and commercially. They were initially sold for $30, but increased to over $100. Units flew off the shelves which resulted in high demand and heavy shortages. In 1998 and 1999, the brand sold over 40 Million Units. From 2000 to 2001, the brand sold 5 million of the virtual pets, and in 2002 the popularity diminished, and the Furby franchise was fully discontinued.

Age Bracket

Originally, Furbies were aimed more at girls and young children aged 5-13 years old, however, burping and raspberry sounds were added in for balance. Even adults still love the Furby, and some have started fan clubs and forums all about them.


Furby 1998 mainly has only 1 personality, which is a calm and friendly Furby. It can be slightly changed by treating Furby differently depending on what it does.  

List of Furbies (1998 - 2002)

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Special Editions

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The line produced 24 Special Editions, which range from all different genres of events, with 4 being hard to find, and 1 being impossible to find (the Bejeweled Furby).

Unreleased Furbies

Gen. 9 and 10 Furbys never made it to the market, but prototypes were made. Besides the Lion Furby (Gen. 10), all other Furbys from Gen. 9-10 only had 1 prototype ever made.


  • The Speech Synthesizer is very similar to most electronic devices produced in the 1980s like the Speak and Spell.
    • The same exact speech synthesizer was used in Mr. Potato Head and Monopoly handhelds in 1997, the year before Furbys were first sold in stores.
      • The speech codec is very similar to LPC-10, and CELP (At 2 kbps)
  • In 1998, Tiger and Nabisco partnered up to put Furby images on boxes of Oreos and Nutter Butters.
  • Furbys official release was on October 2nd, 1998.
  • Between fur colors, voice pitches, and eye colors, there are over 1000 unique Furby combinations that exist.
  • The Tattletails in the game Tattletail were inspired by the original 1998 Furbys.
  • Many Furby fakes were made to easily make cash quickly and the response was to put on the purple plastic tags saying ”Furby Original“ with a picture of a Furby on the tag. Hasbro took responsibility and has shred over 20k Furby fakes and counterfeits publicly in London.
  • According to a media director at MIT in 1999, the processing power of a Furby was more than that of the first lunar module to land on the moon.
  • In 1999, Furbys were banned by The Pentagon, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, and the NSA. This was because people were concerned that Furbys might be capable of recording sensitive information.
  • In Sweden, Swedish-speaking Furbys were packaged under the name "Furbee", instead of "Furby", to avoid confusion with the eponymous place.
  • From 1998-1999, Furby remained the top toy for two years, and over twelve million Furbys were sold internationally from October 1998 to December 1999.
  • If you could lay 12 million Furbys from head to toe, they would wrap around Earth 783 times.
  • Between fur colors, eye colors and the sound of its voice, there are over 1000 different combinations of Furby toys available.
  • Furby is capable of using more than 300 different unique combinations of ear, mouth and eye movements.
  • A YouTube user named Simply Nailogical starred in two Furby commercials including an unaired Furby commercial which had prototype Furbys in it and another Furby commercial that had aired on TV. 


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