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1998 Furbys feature 24 Furbish names, listed below. They like saying their names and will do that often. To make a Furby say their name immediately, rub their tummy three times and then pet their back.

The 1999 Furby Baby names are currently unknown, however the procedure for having a Furby Baby pronounce their name remains the same as the one described above.


Furbish Meaning
Ah-May Pet
A-Loh Light
A-Tay Hungry
Boh-Bay Worried/Scared
Boo  No/Bad
Dah  Big
Dah-Noh-Lah Party/Big Dance
Kah-Dah  Me Big
Kah  Me
Doo-Moh Please
E-Day Good
Koh-Koh Again/More
Loo-Loo Joke
May-May Love
May-Lah Hug
May-Lah-Kah Hug Me
Mee-Mee Very
Nah-Bah Down
Noo-Loo Happy
Toh-Dye Done
Toh-Loo Like
Toh-Loo-Kah Like Me
U-Tye Up
Way-Loh Sleep

Glitched names

In addition to the names listed above, there is a glitch. In case the EEPROM memory has incorrect data written to it (due to low batteries or a software error), an unexpected phrase (e.g. sneezing) might be used instead of a name.

It wouldn't be preceded by the word "Me", since that's only a part of actual Furby names (which are arranged as individual phrases in the memory, e.g.: "Me Toh-Loo-Kah", "Me May-Lah").