Name instructions

There are 24 Furbish names for 1998 Furbys. They like saying their names and will say it often. To make them say their name, rub their tummy three times and then pet their back. 

Furbish Meaning
Ah-May Pet
A-Loh Light
A-Tay Hungry
Boh-Bay Worried/Scared
Boo  No/Bad
Dah  Big
Dah-Noh-Lah Party/Big Dance
Kah-Dah  Me Big
Kah  Me
Doo-Moh Please
E-Day Good
Koh-Koh Again/More
Loo-Loo Joke
May-May Love
May-Lah Hug
May-Lah-Kah Hug Me
Mee-Mee Very
Nah-Bah Down
Noo-Loo Happy
Toh-Dye Done
Toh-Loo Like
Toh-Loo-Kah Like Me
U-Tye Up
Way-Loh Sleep

In addition to the names listed above, there is a glitch. In case the EEPROM memory has incorrect data written to it, an unexpected phrase (e.g. sneezing) might be used instead. It wouldn't be preceded by the word "Me", since that's only a part of actual Furby names.

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