This page is dedicated to Furby references in other media. These are unofficial and have nothing to do with Hasbro/Tiger Electronics

The Simpsons

Maggie surrounded by Furbys

In the episode 'Barting Over', During Spring-cleaning, Marge told Homer to get rid of the Furbys as they had turned feral. The scene pans to Maggie in the garage, being surronded by six Furbys, advancing in on her. These Furbys are based off the 1998 Furbys.


In the episode 'Grift of the Magi' A toy company produces 'Funzo', a huge success/fad to the shoppers of Springfield. In part of its success; it's revealed to be programmed to destroy other toys. It was revealed to be a Parody of the 1998 Furbys with the episode airing in December of 1999.

Furby Meanies Parody

Meanies (Parody of Beanie Babies) made a gross-out Furby parody. On the behind of the Furby, the words 'No Fur-be' is present.



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