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Furby won't turn on

  • Replace batteries.
  • Turn Furby upsidedown.
  • Soft reset
    • Press the reset button on the bottom of the Furby.
  • Hard restart (will reset name and all learned english)
    • Hold Furby upside down
    • Stick your finger in its mouth and hold down the tongue
    • While holding down the tongue, press the reset button on the bottom of the Furby.
  • Motor force-start (easy)
    • This procedure can help if the Furby refuses to move due to a stuck motor.
    • It can be done in two different ways with the second having a relatively higher chance of success (see below)
    • The simple approach is to insert a fresh set of batteries into the Furby, close the battery compartment door and slap the back and bottom in careful but strong movements - that might take a few minutes.
    • If there's no effect after a long time, either the more difficult method described below and/or the battery compartment adjustment procedure might help.
  • Motor force-start (advanced)
    • Skin your Furby.
    • Remove the shell.
    • On the front of the Furby, next to the bottom left of the beak, is a horizontal gear. Turn this gear anti-clockwise (to the right) at a medium to fast speed (carefully) for about 10 minutes. You will see the motor on the bottom right of the beak spin, and see the Furby go through different motions.
    • Do a hard restart. If Furby still doesn't turn on, you can continue turning this gear for longer. Furbys have been known to turn on after 30 minutes of turning this gear.

Furby says "Me Sleep Again" and goes back to sleep

  • This glitch is known as MSA. Click here for known cures.

Glitched voice

  • 1998 Furbys have no way of detecting when the batteries are too low.
    • Try replacing the batteries with a fresh, alkaline set.
  • The speaker may be broken. It may be replaced with another Furby's, or with any 32-ohm, 0.5W[image needed] speaker of a matching size.
  • The circuit to the speakers may be damaged or cut off.
  • If your Furby has an RL factory code, this might be a common issue dubbed the RL "special-edition" bug (it's a misnomer: the special editions aren't the only ones known to be affected).

Design errors

Other known issues are known bugs, glitches, and design errors, and may not be able to be fixed.

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