Furby 2005

13 of the 2005 Furbies designs and two Funky Furbies (Note: one color has been listed twice erroneously, and not all of the color schemes for the 2005 Furbies and Funky Furbies are on this chart.)

2005 saw the start of a new Furby design, called Emoto-Tronic Furbies or Furby 2005.

It was first released with 4 different color combinations which later expanded to more than 16. The approximate retail price at which they sold was $39.99 (USD). Sales were poor due to the limited voice recognition, and the popularity of the FurReal Friends line of toys at the time.

List of Emoto-Tronic Furbies

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Differences in design

The new Furby design was almost double the size of the original Furby and featured a rubber beak, proper plastic feet (opposed to fabric material ones), bigger ears, eyes with more detail, no tail (except for Funky Furbies) and a different body shape. It also has a switch which activate any of the following modes: on, off, and try me. 

Functions and abilities

A 2005 Furby has a tummy sensor and a back sensor much like a 1998 Furby. The 2005 Furbies do not have an infrared sensor or light sensor between their eyes like the 1998 Furbies, therefore, they cannot sense changes in light. They can only communicate with another Furby if both of the Furbies stomachs are pushed in for a few seconds until they blink. The 2005 Furbies can communicate with the 2005 Furby Babies and other 2005 Furbies only. They can eat when their mouth sensor is pushed with a finger or Furby spoon.

This series of Furby focused on being able to understand speech and respond accordingly rather than just recognizing loud sounds. To get its attention, You must say "Hey Furby!" Once Furby says "Huh?", "Hmm?" "What?" "Doo?" or " Yeah?", you can give it a command.

These include:

  • "Sing me a song" will make it sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in Furbish or English. This depends on how long it has been played with.
  • "Tell me a joke" will make it tell one of its favorite 7 knock-knock jokes.
  • 'Show me a dance" will make it sing and dance. (Funky Furbies will not dance unless music is played or if you make a tune for it to hear by clapping or hitting something.)
  • "Tell me a story" - it will tell you about its life story and its home on Furby Island in Furbish or English, depending on how long it has been played with.
  • "Do you want to play?" will make it play its favorite game of 'red light, green light'.
  • "Go to sleep" - Furby enters sleep mode and will wake up when you whistle, make loud noises, press Furbies tummy or mouth, or tilt Furby.
  • "I Love You" - Will make Furby purr, or say "Me love you!" or "Me love you more!" This depends on how Furby feels. Sometimes Furby will burp when you say this.
  • "I speak Furbish" - you can speak of the above commands in Furbish.

Red Light, Green Light

Furby will tell you the rules of how to play Red Light, Green Light if Furby wants to play with you. You come when Furby says "Green light!" You stop when Furby says "Red light!" If you tickle it when its eyes are closed, you win! If you tickle it when its eyes are open, the Furby will win! If you tickle it too hard, the Furby wins! First, you have to go 10 steps away from the Furby. When it says "Here we go!", the game will start. The Furby will try to trick you when it says "Grrreeeeeee-Red light!". At the end of the game, Furby will ask you if you want to play again.

How to Reset Furby

To reset Furby, you must turn Furby off and hold Furby upside down while pressing down on Furbies tongue. While doing this, turn Furby on and stop pressing Furbies tongue. You will know if you have followed these steps correctly when Furby says "Good Morning!".

The Funky Furby

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The Funky Furby is a rare variant of the emoto-tronic furby. Unlike the normal emoto-tronic furby, this furby has a tail.

Emoto-Tronic Furby Babies

Furby-baby-babies-emototronic-59961 1 83c171a65f58b2bb81a9a2d62871e19e

In 2005, a new version of Furby Baby was released, with most notable features being the new look and a more "baby-ish" appearance in contrast to the Emoto-Tronic Furby adult. They also have considerably fewer features than the "adult" Furby, with a very limited vocabulary and a lower level of interactivity.


  • At the end of the Funky Furby commercial, the blue Funky Furby sings Funky Furby Hip Hop in the exact same tone an English Funky Furby would sing in rather using a lower-pitched voice.
  • In the Furby commercial, when Hunter Pecunia (the girl with an orange athletics jacket and pigtails) is asking the Furby on the table to tell her a joke, there is a photo frame with a photo of a white prototype 2005 Furby.
  • At the end of the Dutch Furby commercial, two Furbies are seen in boxes that appear to be more rectangular than an actual Furby box.
  • In Japan, the 2005 Furbies are known as 'Furby 2'.
  • According to an article from ITmedia, Furby retailed in Japan at a price of 4179 yen.
  • On Hilary Duff's 18th birthday, she was given a custom 2005 Furby as a gift. This Furby could sing Happy Birthday to her.
  • According to the People magazine everyone of her guests, who attended her birthday event, received their own Furby.
  • They were voiced by Patricia Thompson.
  • Though one source stated the voice actress was Patricia Thompson, in the following segment: "Patsy has recorded a variety of songs and vocals for a number of Hasbro's Furby products in both English & Furbish including Funky Furby which was distributed internationally..." the Spanish Funky Furby manual credits the voice actress as "Patricia Whol".



CGI Furbies

These Furbies appears in all the adult 2005 Furby Commercials, excluding the Japanese version. These CGI Furbies appeared on the packaging of some 2005 Furby merchandise, online postcards from the official website, and they have shown up in a Burger King Furby Magazine. Some of the CGI Furbys have appeared on the covers for Furby Island DVD cases.

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