The Translator Screen on Ipad.

If you want to know what your Furby 2012 is saying, go to the Translator on the Furby 2012 app. When your Furby 2012 says a phrase, the app will translate what Furby said from Furbish to English. For an example, if your Furby says "Boo ah!" The phone would say, if the English sound out button is tapped, "No hold" in a rather robotic voice.  

The Dictionary

You also have the Furbish to English dictionary on the Furby app. The dictionary provides a list of many Furbish words listed in alphabetical order. You can select a letter, and it shows you the Furbish words that begin with that letter. You can toggle through the words for that letter. To hear what the word sounds like, tap the green button. Your phone will pronounce the word in a robotic female voice. You can find the Furbish dictionary here, also.

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