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The Furby Boom (stylized as Furby BOOM!) is the updated version of the Furby 2012. They arrived in 2013 with the slogan "A new generation is hatching". These Furbys could connect to their own app.

Later, a revamped Furby Boom! Crystal Series was released in 2014. Furblings based on Furby Booms were released in late 2013. Furblings based on the Crystal series were released in 2015.

A Wookieee Furby based on Star Wars called Furbacca was also released based on this design. It had a separate app.


In early 2013, a trademark was filed by Hasbro registering 2 names: "Furblings" and "Furby Boom". Furby Boom was registered as a "Toy" while Furblings was registered under "Media", leaving some to speculate Furby may be getting a TV show, video game or something of that nature. However, Furblings were registered under "Media" due to the fact that they are virtual pets, while Furby Boom is a full toy. 

When a Furby Boom creature is happy, it will lay an egg on an IOS (4.3 or later) or Android (2.3.3 - 10.0) Device (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, etc.). The egg then hatches and your Furby boom now has a baby known as a Furbling. Caring for the Furbling is almost identical to playing with a Tamagotchi. It can also play games with Furby Boom and other Furblings.

Up to 50 eggs can be layed by a Furby Boom. Each one has a unique style, personality, and color scheme. The Furblings may or may not resemble the color scheme of their parent.  Also, the truck drives your Furbling to its room. Furby Boom was marketed to interact with the Furby App on IOS devices and Android devices. However, Hasbro never updated the app to be compatible with operating systems past iOS 10, making it nearly impossible to download.

Differences from Furby 2012

The Furby Boom's design is a slightly modified model of the Furby 2012 design. They have the same body shapes and mechanical movements. There are some noticeable visual differences in the two designs. Most Furby 2012 furs have a textured pattern in them, as well as a head hair tuft, and Furby Booms lack these. The Furby Boom has more colorful patterns, jagged edges on the faceplate, a larger light/infrared sensor, a slightly smaller beak with a more detailed tongue, plastic feet rather than material feet, and jagged holes inside the ears.

They also have different personalities.


Furby Boom

Furby Booms are round and fluffy. They have opaque plastic ears with a shaped hole. Each one has a tail that can be pulled. The jagged faceplate surrounds the eyes, and an asymmetrical black (non interactive) light sensor is placed above.

Furby Boom Crystal

Furby Booms from the Crystal series have translucent, crystal-like glittery "polygon art" ears with no holes. Their feet and faceplate are also of this design.


Furbacca the Wookie Furby has the same ears and faceplate as the Furby Boom. It has unique, fluffy fur and wears a bandolier shoulder belt.


Main article: Furby Boom/Personalities

The Furby Boom starts off in the sweet personality. The other personalities available are hyper, rockin', jolly, or feisty.

According to the Furby Instagram, Furbys love exploring, dressing up, celebrating holidays, and pulling pranks. They love eating ice cream and gummy worms. They like collecting friends, and making friends out of anything. They only time they’re quiet is when they’re sleeping.


Main article: Furby Boom/Names

There are 129 Furby Boom names. Furby Booms come without names - instead, the owner chooses a name through the Furby Boom app.

Technical information

Main article: Furby Boom/Technical information

List of Furby Booms

Pelucia interativa furby boom blue diamonds hasbro 11611 1 20150404103540.jpg
Blue Diamonds
Diagonal Stripes
81D8J3Ju+YL. SX425 (2).jpg
Lightning Bolts
Orange Stars
91wLfwRz0oL. SX425 .jpg
817d+hPDRNL. SX425 .jpg
Pink Cubes
81Of8f1jalL. SL1500 .jpg
Pink Hearts
81cHQAAdYPL. SX425 .jpg
Pink and Blue Hearts
810pM+Th--L. SX425 .jpg
Polka Dots
81ujhSLLWOL. SX466 .jpg
Purple Houndstooth
81FZXtPZm2L. SX425 .jpg
Purple Waves
91M9-s5cJfL. SL1500 .jpg
Straight Stripes
71ZSeGkqBXL. SL1500 .jpg
Blue Waves
Res 4b5363c780b5064bce2d3001268d3849 full.jpg
Zigzag Stripes
Special edition
81LZRSeal-L. SL1500 .jpg
Furby boom festive sweater.jpg
Festive Sweater
B00CYFGD14. V356230441 .jpg
Metallic Blue
Furby Boom! Crystal Series
2763448 R Z002A UC17566671.jpg
Furby-boom-crystal orange-to-pink-ombre.jpg