This was a campaign where a person could win their own Furby Boom that was created in celebration of the toy's release. The exact date of the campaign remains unknown, however, details about it from one source were published on the 20th of September, 2013.[1]

About the Event

At places such as the FOTA Wild Life Park in Ireland and the London Zoo, a large, interactive model of a Furby Boom egg that was designed by Specialist Models would be placed with the pretense that a rare and exotic creature was to hatch out of the egg.[2] Using an augmented reality app, visitors could see a preview of the Furbling inside of the egg. The Furby Boom egg received positive reactions from visitors.[3]

The Campaign

The campaign involved guessing what colors the egg that arrived at the London Zoo.[4] The options were:

  • Turquoise, Pink and Black Diamonds
  • Pink and White Polka Dots
  • Blue Waves

The answer could be chosen on the competition section of London Mums' website that was dedicated to the campaign.[5]

The Egg

The Furby Boom Egg was created with moulded fibreglass while the pattern was hand-masked and sprayed. The egg has the same pattern as the Triangles Furby Boom with pink, blue, and black triangles.[6]



Furby Boom at London Zoo

Furby Boom at London Zoo


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