This page is a list of confirmed Furby bugs and glitches.

Instead of adding directly to this page, it is recommended that you post the glitch in the comments first. If there is video proof then it will be added instantly.

1998 Furbys

  • The issue of a Furby being unable to wake up properly is called MSA (Me Sleep Again).
  • Some Furbys with the RL factory code have glitched audio and freeze randomly: RL "Special-Edition" Glitch.
  • Furby speakers will break down over time, whether or not the Furby is in good condition.
    • Cannot speak and is mute
    • Can speak but has glitched voice. Can be caused by water damage.
  • 1998s can sometimes have unusually loud gears, either due to a poor manufacturing quality (e.g. those from the JT factory) or water damage.
  • An odd name. In case the EEPROM memory has incorrect data written to it, an unexpected phrase (e.g. sneezing) might be used instead. It wouldn't be preceded by the word "Me", since that's only a part of actual Furby names.
  • Cannot detect if the motor stalls, possibly leading it or the driving transistors on the circuit board to overheat. The hardware already features all the sensors necessary for such detection, so the fact this wasn't implemented could be a design oversight.

2005 Furbys

  • When telling a story, after saying "When sun up, me ay-tay" or hungry, the Furby will open it's mouth for you to feed it but stop telling the story after you feed it.

2012 Furbys

  • The furby can turn off without warning and refuse to wake up despite having new batteries. This is common and widespread, so no worries. To fix this, soft reset the furby.
  • The furby might not move it's beak while waking up and then after waking up, the furby rapidly moves it's beak, doing what it should have done while waking up.

Boom Furbys

  • Booms, and, to a possibly somewhat lesser extent, the 2012s have rather fragile motors which can burn out if the movement of some parts, such as the ears, is restricted
    • This is usually observed as the Furby powering up but being unable to move, having a clicky voice and shutting down quickly, often even prior to falling asleep. The same effect might result from low batteries too, so it might be wise to try using a fresh set of alkalines before making a conclusion.

Furby Connect

  • If it asks you to shake it, squeeze it, turn it upside-down, or pull it's tail, it might forget it asked you to do it and respond normally after you do what it asks.
  • Furby can go to sleep immediately without warning and forget to close it's eyes first.
  • With low batteries, the Furby can wake up with the sleep mask on.
  • Furby can have a weird voice with low batteries, having a lot of static sounds.
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