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Not to be confused with the 2005 film Furby Island or the 2008 video game.

Furby Island was a cancelled television comedy series in development for Nickelodeon in 2006. It would have featured the Furbys on Furby Island living their lives after the events of the 2005 film, Furby Island. The show was revealed in a reddit post with a full episode list of the written episodes, which included 13 episodes within season 1.


Unknown to viewers, the 2005 Furby Island movie that aired on Nick was also a backdoor pilot to see how a Furby TV series could possibly fair. The movie did well enough in ratings for Nickelodeon to pick up the TV series. It was reportedly being developed by Frederator Studios, who are well known for bringing toy and video game franchises to TV as sitcoms and cartoons, most notably Ape Escape, which aired on Nick from 2009-2010. The studio is also well known for projects such as The Fairly Odd Parents and Chalk Zone. It also produced Cartoon Network's Adventure Time.

The show had 3 episodes of its first season written and presented to the Nick President, Herb Scannell in 2006 and the show was greenlit for production on the network. However, in mid 2006 before the show was announced, Cyma Zarghami took over as president and called for a few changes to the show. This caused it to be pushed back. This however, combined with many other greenlit projects at Frederator, caused the show to never actually proceed and the show was never announced, aired, or released.

The former employee of Frederator who revealed the show on Reddit said that in 2012 after the unexpected hit success of the Furby revival, Frederator re-presented the show to Nick again, but it was not picked up.


While it was never official who would voice the characters, Frederator Studios did have a few people in mind they wanted to cast for the main characters in the show:

Noo Noo (Protagonist) - Tara Strong

Noo Noo was the protagonist of the show, who the show would be most centered around. Noo Noo and his human best friend Maddy would constant have adventures around the massive island. The writers wanted Tara Strong to voice him. Tara Strong is well known for voicing Timmy Turner on The Fairly Odd Parents.

Maddy - Alyson Court

Maddy was a human living on Furby Island after the movie. She is now an adult, serving as the island's protector from anyone who may try to dominate it. Alyson Court was the ideal voice actress for the now adult Maddy. Alyson is known for voicing loonet on The Big Comfy Couch and Claire Redfield in the Resident Evil series.

King Furlanaro - Carlos Alazraqui

The king would have been the king of the island, and also the father of Noo Noo. Frederator wanted Carlos Alazraqui to voice the king. He is well known for voicing Spyro The Dragon in the Spyro Series before Tom Kenny took over.


A list of 3 or the 13 episodes were released. No other episodes were ever written.

Episode Number Episode name
1 Furby Island
2 Venom
3 Not in Furbyland Anymore

Furby Island

Noo Noo and his friend Maddy are celebrating Furby New Years when Professor Nana arrives and kidnaps Neki, another Furby. It is a race against time to save Neki before she is shipped to a research lab.


Noo Noo and Maddy are at Doc Deme's house talking about deadly Venomous spiders living on the island. Noo Noo and Maddy "Volunteer" to hunt some of these spiders down so Deme can perform tests on them.

Not in Furbyland Anymore

A tornado strikes Furby Island and many Furby's, Noo Noo included, are sent to a magical land called "FurbOZ" where magic is the prime law of the land. The wicked wizard of the south arrives and prisons Maddy in a crystal orb. It is up to Noo Noo, Shel-bot, The Cowardly Furby, and Strawby to save Maddy and vanish The Wizard Of The South.


  • If the show had been picked up, it would have been the first Furby TV show.


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