The FURBY TRAINER'S GUIDE is an unofficial "Strategy Guide" for the original 1998 Furby Line written by Douglas J Arnold, which was first published in 1999 and sold for $11.95 in America.

The book covers the original Furby line and gives tips, tricks and more on the line. The book received mixed reviews on release. The book has been out of print in recent years but can be bought second hand via the internet.

Book Blurb

We'll show you how to make Furby keep amazing you! The hottest toy of the year is also the most lovable. Get to know your Furby better with this in-depth informative and fun to read guide to raising your favorite pet.

This guide includes:

  • Step by step guide with full color pictures.
  • Complete care guide and training tips.
  • Dictionaries with translations and the most popular phrases during the early stages.
  • Hidden "Easter egg" tricks,plus our favorite games Furby plays.
  • Exclusive rare photos of Furbys, including the Furby vacation scrapbook, rare colored Furbys, and cross breeding pictures.
  • Furby baby registry and adoption certificates
  • Frequently asked questions, and the story of Furby from inception to headline grabbing, and early morning sales hysteria.


  • Introduction: The Furby story and rare Furby pictures.
  • Basic training and care: Getting started guide and a look at accessories.
  • Games Furbys play
  • Secrets and tricks
  • Furby dictionary
  • Furby: Questions and answers
  • Furby photo-book
  • Warm and Fuzzy
  • Furby party
  • Furby baby registration



A sequel, called the "OFFICIAL FURBY TRAINER'S GUIDE" was released in 1999 with updated tips, tricks and the inclusion of Special Edition adult Furby toys as well as the newly launched Furby Babies.

Due to the sale success of the first book, Tiger Electronics was impressed and allowed the sequel to carry the "official" word in the title.

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