This page is for displaying images and information of official Furby websites, at its different stages. (1998-1999)

Furbyland in 1999

Cliffhanger Episodes

Cliffhanger episodes were made by xBx Channel Media, and released on the website. (German) (1998-1999)

The German site for Furby. This site gave various info about Furbys released at the time, like a Furbish to German dictionary, Furby news, Tips & Tricks, etc., and had various activities you could do by navigating through a town-like setting called "Furby Town", which also gave information about Furbys. A snippet of a german Furby song had also been included on the site, but unfortunately hadn't been archived. (1998-1999)

TOMY's Japanese site for Furby which gave info about Furbys released at the time in Japan, news about Furby related events and other promotions. (2005)

English site promoting Emoto-Tronic Furbys and the Furby Island film. Click here for the archive., (Spanish) (2005-2006)

A flash site which promoted the toys and movie through an interactive island, with various things to do like play games, watch videos (the only available video being a Spanish advertisement for the 2005 Furby), and an activity where you take care of a Furby, but very different from Feed my Furby, whereas you're taking care of a photo of a real Furby with multiple expressions as you brush it, take it's temperature etc.
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