Furdy (otherwise known as Fofito according to the Spanish version of the toy) is a poor quality knock-off 1998 Furby which was manufactured by an anonymous company in China. They speak a language common to many Furby fakes known as Furdish. 


Furdy's appearance is exactly like a real 1998 Furby design-wise, though noticeable differences include the denim bow-tie sewn onto some Furdy's, and the bright yellow coloring of Furdy's beak. Furdy comes in the colors of the Skunk, Leopard, and Snowball Furby's. All Furdy dolls have brown eyes, and on the underside of each Furdy you will see the Furdy logo.


  • In the story of Furdy, there is a printing error. The word "Furbys" instead of "Furdys" is mentioned in the last line of the story at the back of Furdy's box.
  • It has been rumored that an all-pink version of Furdy exists, but no evidence has been found to support this rumor.



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