Fuzzy Wonderz is a Furby fake and Hatchimals fake released by Moral Region. It has been shown to hatch out of an egg, like a Hatchimal. They seem to go through five different stages while inside an egg and may take 9 or 10 minutes to hatch from an egg. Many parents who tried to order the toy from the official website, never received their shipment after many weeks despite the toy being due two weeks before. Their appearance is similar to another Furby fake called Little Hibou. They also have an app that seems to function similarly to the Furby 2012 app. They can sing songs like Hibou, tell stories, say phrases, giggle, and imitate anything you say. They can also be given commands like a 2005 Furby.

Voice Commands

  • Hello!
  • Where are you from? 
  • Tell me a story!
  • Sing a song!
  • Dance for me!
  • I love you!
  • Goodbye!
  • Tell me a joke!
  • Am I pretty?


  • Fuzzy Wonderz which hatch out of golden eggs have been advertised under the name Hibou Egg instead of Fuzzy Wonderz. The Hibou Egg is way higher pitched in voice and music than the Fuzzy Wonderz and regular Hibou owl.
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