The Giraffe Furby is the name given to a 1998 Furby from Generation 2. It was released in March, 1999.


The Giraffe Furby has orange-brown and light yellow speckled body fur. It has light yellow stomach fur, a black hair tuft, and a black mane. The faceplate is brown. It has brown feet, white ear insides, brown ear backs, and black eyelashes.


  • It is mildly easy to find, but hard to find in good condition due to the fact it was popular with many. 
  • It is very often mistaken for Gold Stripes (Giraffe does not have a white belly or white stripes).
  • Its color scheme is similar to that of the Lizard Furby. Some uneducated sellers sell Lizard Furbys as Giraffe Furbys instead.
  • This Furby had a 2001 re-release, with an orange box, an updated story on the paper tag, a purple plastic tag, and some more eye colors outside of the usual brown, blue or green, including silver, neon green, and neon blue.



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