Hibou the Smart Owl is a Furby knock-off manufactured by a company called "Moral Region" in China. They were also distributed via other toy companies in some countries.

Appearance and Functions

It has similar digital eyes, and it can be controlled with the Hibou app. It varies in many different colors and patterns: blue/white, pink/white, purple/white, red/white, dark brown with a spotted tummy, etc. The faceplate is always orange. They wear polka dot bow ties which come in multiple colors. Hibou's appearance is similar to Popo (Furby Fake). Hibou can be switched between interactive mode and communication mode, where you control what Hibou says. Hibou can respond to phrases like the 2005 Furby's.

Voice Commands

  • Hello!
  • Where are you from?
  • Tell me a story.
  • Sing me a song.
  • Dance for me. 
  • I love you!
  • Goodbye!
  • Tell me a joke!
  • Am I pretty?

Hibou's App

In Hibou's app, you can play instruments and Hibou will dance to them. If you press the birthday cake on the app, it'll sing a happy birthday song and dance to it. They can also sing songs including a short version of Ievan Polkka in their voice.

Companies that Hibou was distributed by

  • Moral Region
  • Play Smart (Russia)
  • S+S Toys (Russia)
  • Jumbo Toys (Russia)
  • DI Toys (Spain)
  • Cheer Tone
  • Readboy (Indonesia)


  • Moral Region has also released other different versions of the toy itself including hamster, snowman, rabbit, panda, and what looks like a penguin version with a brown hat and ears. Each version of the toy has its own name. It is unknown whether if the penguin version was released. 
  • Other Furby fakes made by this company include Little Hibou, Fuzzy Wonderz, Jack-O-Lantern, My Dark Companion, a Furby fake based of a character from a Chinese show for toddlers called Guli Guli, and Mini Pet Hibou.
  • Hibou has been advertised as Mini Pet Hibou which appears to be the name of another Furby fake.
  • Some Spanish versions of Hibou lack a separate color for their stomach and a bowtie. 
  • Some Russian Hibou's released by S+S Toys lack bowties. 
  • Some Hibou's in Russia were released under the name Kakadu Friends
  • The Hampster version of Hibou has been advertised under the name Clever Pet Hibou Electronic. 
  • The Panda version of Hibou has been released under the name "Apo" instead of Hibou. This Panda version of Hibou which was sold only under the name "Apo" can only speak Spanish. The Hibou logo is no where to be seen on its box.
  • Three very rare colors of the owl version of Hibou were released. This includes a purple and yellow striped Hibou, an orange and yellow striped Hibou, and a green Hibou with an orange mohawk.
  • When ordering a Hibou from the RBShop in Indonesia, you could receive a Hibou pillow with your purchase.