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Hasbro, Tiger Electronics, and Warner Bros partnered up to introduce the Interactive Gizmo. Gizmo is based off a character named Gizmo from Gremlins, who is a Mogwai gremlin.


"Friend of Furby. Features the actual voice of Gizmo! Fully animated with 160 word vocabulary. I can talk to Furby and Furby Babies. I can play games and learn tricks."


Gizmo looks very different from a regular Furby. Unlike Furby, it has appendages, a mouth instead of a beak, a brown nose above its mouth, and eyes which are different from a Furby's eyes. It also lacks a tail or mane. Gizmo has a white patch of fur around its left eye, a white stripe on its head, and white fur on its wrists. Its body fur is brown and so are its outer ears and arms. Its inner ears, feet, eyelids, and hands are pink. Its face plate, legs, and tummy are white. It has four fingers on each hand, and four toes on each foot.


  • Only 250,000 Gizmos were produced.
  • The Furby fake, Baby Brainy, and Gizmo have striking resemblances, and they were both released during 1999. These facts can prove that Baby Brainy might be a Gizmo bootleg.
  • Gizmo was voiced by Howie Mandell, who's also the voice actor of Gizmo.
  • Unlike a Furby, Gizmo speaks its own language called Gizmo, but like Furby, Gizmo knows some English.
  • In Chinese culture, Mogwai (Mandarin: 魔怪, mó guài; Cantonese: 魔鬼) means "devil".
  • In the Gremlins movie, Mogwais are a cute species of alien, who have certain "rules" to look after them. No sunlight, no water, and no food after midnight. If these rules are broken, the Mogwai may cacoon itself and emerge as a horrible, destructive, ugly Gremlin.




Gizmo Furby Commercial (1999)