Furby had a few friends produced which could interact in a similar way to Furby as well as with each other. Yoda was one of these.


"Yoda speaks with a vocabulary of over 450 words. Fully interactive Yoda is your guide to the ways of the force. Watch as Yoda's ears, eyes and mouth move each time he talks. Hone your Light Saber skills with four levels of interactive training. Yoda encourages your progress with speech and action. Yoda helps you learn discipline to be a Jedi!"


Yoda wasn't intended to be related to Furby in any way, but did use the same technology and was featured on Tiger's Furby website as an upcoming toy.

In September 1999, the release of Interactive Yoda was announced, however, the release of the toy was moved to November since earthquakes had caused damage and disturbed the factories at which the computer chips for the toy were manufactured. Though Tiger Electronics planned on releasing some Interactive Yoda toys in November and December in the same year, this didn't come to pass. On the 8th of June, 2000, the release date of Interactive Yoda was then announced on Tiger Electronics’ website as the 14 of June, 2000. The toy was released with a light saber which could use three AA or LR6 batteries.


The design is patented: US Patent 6544094B1.


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