Leopard is the name given to a Generation 1 1998 Furby. It is known as the most common Furby, and the first Furby of Generation 1.


This Furby has a pink tail and a pink tuft of fur on its head, and it has gray body fur with black spots over it, which varies with each Furby. It also has orange feet and pink stomach fur with a gray faceplate.


  • This is probably the most famous Furby. It has been used in a lot of advertisements.
  • No two Leopard Furby's are identical. Each one has different spots in different places.
  • This Furby was featured in a Duracell commercial which was made in 2017.
  • this furby has been rereleased in an orange box with the purple plastic tag and the paper tag had a new story on it and additional phrases and functions that and the first 12 colors from generation 1-2 in 2001



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