The Leopard Furby is the name given to a 1998 Furby of Generation 1. It was released in October, 1998. It is known as the most common Furby, and the first Furby of Generation 1.


This Furby has gray body fur, speckled with random black spots that vary with each Furby. It has light pink stomach fur, hair tuft, and tail. Its faceplate is a light gray. It has orange feet, pink ear insides, and black eyelashes.


  • This is one of the most famous Furbys, along with the Church Mouse Furby. It has been used in a lot of advertisements.
  • No two Leopard Furbys are identical. Each one has different spots in different places - some with no spots at all.
  • This Furby is often displayed in merchandise with no spots.
  • This Furby was featured in a Duracell commercial which was made in 2017.[1]
  • This Furby had a 2001 re-release, with an orange box, an updated story on the paper tag, a purple plastic tag, and some more eye colors outside of the usual brown, blue or green, including silver, neon green, and neon blue. Internally, it also featured the Deep Sleep mode and additional phrases found on Furbys from Generation 2 and later.
  • This Furby was officially referred to as the Pink Mouse (ピンクマウス) Furby in Japan.[2]


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