The Furby line saw the release of merchandise and multiple Furby-branded items from 1998 to 2016. They range from toys, board games and video games, to clothing accessories, home decorations, and inflatable chairs. Furby Booms received the most amount of merchandise. The 1998 Furby received the second-largest amount. The Emoto-Tronic Furbys and Furby Connects received limited merchandise due to lack of popularity.  


Era 1 (1998 - 2002)
1998 Furby, Furby Baby
Era 2 (2005 - 2007)
EmotoTronic Furby
Furby fun puzzle
Era 3 (2012 - 2015)
2012 Furby, Furby Boom, Furblings
Drawstring back peacock
Era 4 (2016)
Furby Connect

Returning Merchandise

Some items displaying Era 1 1998 Furbys were released after the cancellation of 1998 Furbys. Official clothing with images of Furbys from Era 1 can be identified by the 2012 Furby logo that appears on the inside of the shirt and by a tag shaped like a 2012 Furby attached to any of the clothes. 

Returning Era 1

Recent retro furby shirt
"I love Furby" shirt
Retro style shirt 2012 hasbro
Monochrome Furby shirt
Tie dye recent shirt
Tie dye Furby shirt
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Pink Furby Tie dye shirt
"Pet My Furby" Shirt
I speak furbish
"I Speak Furbish" Shirt
McDonalds 2019
Uncut Gems pendant
Furby figure
Funko Pop! Furby Figure
Funko keychain figure
Pocket Pop! Keychain

Returning Era 3

DecoPac, a company that sells cake decorations, sold cake toppers which resemble Era 1.0 Furbys. The cake toppers came in two color variations including, Cotton Candy and Lagoona . Their mohawks on their heads can be pushed down, causing their eyes and beaks to open. 

Cake toppers
DecoPac Cake Toppers
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