Phoebe is one of the first fake 2012 Furby's that were released.


They were very commonly sold in four colors: white, red, black, and blue. Some, however, might have mixed colors on their fur or even different colored zigzags on their body; the Phoebes with mixed colors in their fur and the ones with zig zags on their fur were released after the release of the Furby Boom. A Phoebes feets are bigger than the feets of a Furby.


They say phrases from the crazy, grumpy, sweet, normal, and talkative personalities. If you press their tails, they can record what you say in a high-pitched voice. They shake from left to right while moving their mouths when talking. Phoebes speak Furbish, like the real Furbys. They also speak Mandarin according to the packaging. 


  • In the instruction manual for the Phoebe's and on their boxes, you will realize that Furby's language, "Furbish" is referred to as "Phoebe" instead.
  • Some Phoebe's are repackaged with the Furby logo on their boxes, despite being knockoffs.
  • If you were to translate 'Furby' from Chinese (菲比精灵) it would translate to "Phoebe Elf". This could be the reason by this knockoff is called "Phoebe".
  • A Spanish version of Phoebe's box exists which has the logo in rainbow letters.



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