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President Furby is a 1998 Furby that is a special edition.


Released in 2000, it was intended as a Viral Market idea, FURBY FOR PRESIDENT. For the first time, the Furby actually has unique, extra dialogue. This Furby sings Hail to The Chief. A video of that is available here.


The President Furby has deep, light brown body fur. Its stomach fur is the same color as the rest of it. It has an orange-brown mane. The faceplate is white. It has black feet, white ear insides, brown ear backs, and black eyelashes.

This Furby wears a black suit with buttons. Two badges are attached, one of the U.S.A. flag, and one reading "Furby for president".

President Furby's poem

This poem is found on President Furby's tag.

In the year 2000, the month of November,
Is a date every American should remember.
After months of campaigning, night and day,
It is time to elect the president of the USA.

Dressed up in red, white and blue,
As always, Furby will be amazing you.
To get out the vote, is Furby's mission to do,
It's about freedom of choice, and that's up to you.

We live in a land that is open and free,
America, the greatest place to be.
Whatever your party, politics or bent,
You must cast your vote for the new President.

So vote for a candidate on Election Day,
Through the ballot your voice will have a say.

Make sure you are counted, make sure you are heard
Furby wants you to vote, and that is the word.

Democracy for all the people, is not a guarantee,
It must be cherished and nourished for all to
stay free.


  • It was released with only 36,000 ever made. It's one of the most liked of special editions due to its unique dialogue. He also came with a pin saying "Furby for president" for himself, and a larger one for you.
  • The President Furby is similar to the Bear Furby, except with black-colored feet to look like little black shoes and a suit.


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