Space Robot is a knockoff of the original Furby toy by Zhao Feng.


Space Robot is an alternate version of Gigabot, with a very similar appearance to it. It has a pair of silver lips, two plastic, white antennae, a red tongue, gray eyelids and a small bump on its stomach between two screws. It has two red lights on its head that flash as it plays music, but lacks an infrared sender and receiver. This version of Space Robot has its feet sticking out a bit, unlike Gigabot which has its feet completely molded on. It also has a pair of arms and a backpack on its back. Unlike Gigabot, the toy has a pair of blue eyes. The toy has bump and go wheels beneath, allowing it to turn from an object it bumps into and continue moving. Unlike a Furby, Space Robot has an on/off switch.


Space Robot plays the song, Boom Boom Boom Boom by Vengaboys and makes owl sounds. While playing music, the toy moves its antennae, arms, eyelids, legs, and mouth. The toy uses bump and go action, while the lights on its head flash.




That Gigabot Thing-1

NOTE: This example of Space Robot is broken, so it only makes sounds and does not move.

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