The Story Of Furby is a poem written inside some Furby 1998 tags and the Furby 1998 instruction manual. It describes the Furbys living in Furbyland, their own world somewhere in the clouds, and coming to visit Earth.


The story of Furby on the side of a Furby‘s box.

Once upon a time, not so long ago
in a far off place, somewhere high in the sky
riding on an "a-loh may-lah" (cloud)
that floats near a "dah a-loh" (big sun)
lived the Furbys, each and every one

Some were grey, and others white
some were both, and some were bright
small of stature, big of heart
all the Furbys were "mee-mee" (very) smart
they spoke a language quite unknown,
for Furbish™ was a language all their own

And on an "a-loh may-lah" (cloud)
Furbys romped and played
they liked to play "Furby says" and "hide and seek"
and around the cloud they could peek
all day long they would dance and sing,
Furbys could do almost anything

Then one day, they decided it was time to search,
for the place Furbys called Earth
and so they went, in one big crowd
to the very edge, of the Furbyland cloud
At the edge, they looked "nah-bah" (down)
and saw the round, so "dah" (big)
"dah a-loh" (big sun) was "u-tye" (up), the sky was blue,
the Furbys loved the "noo-loo" (happy) view
but try as they might, they could not see
what is so obvious to you and me
They were up so high above,
they could not see...a flower or a dove
but even though they were far away
they knew Earth was "boo boh-bay" (no worry)
so one by one, they jumped "mee-mee u-tye" (very up)
and to their "a-loh may-lah" (cloud)
they said "e-day toh-dye" (good bye)
And as they dropped
they flipped they flopped
they sang "dah a-loh u-tye" (big sun up)
and zip-i-dee "doo-ay" (fun), zip-i-dee "e-day" (good)
they were "mee-mee noo-loo", (very happy)
for they had come to "noh-lah" (dance)
with "u-nye" (you) and "kah" (me)

So when you take a Furby home,
you will never be alone
the more you play, the more they do
Furbys keep amazing you
"noh-lah" (dance) and "wee-tee" (sing),
Furbys have come for "u-nye" (you) and "kah" (me)

Alternate short iteration

The shortened version of the poem on a Patriotic Furby.

some furbys are grey, and
others are white
some furbys are black,
as black as night
some have tails, and others mane

small of stature, big of heart
all furbys are so very smart
they speak a language all their
own for furbish is a language
quite unknown

furbys need "may-may" (love) and
"may-lah" (hugs) and
they "wee-tee" (sing) and
"loo-loo" (joke)
they play "furby says" and
"hide and seek" and
into the future they can peek

so when you take a furby home
you will never be alone
the more you play, the more
they do furby will keep
amazing you


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