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The Story Of Furby Babies is written in the Furby Babies manual.

Furby Babies have come to earth

To spread joy, happiness and mirth. In a rainbow of colors, bright in hue Furby Babies will keep amazing you. Furby Babies and big Furbys, too Can talk to each other and also with you. They’ll “wee-tee” (sing) and play, just as before But they’ll also do a whole lot more. So, treat Furby Babies very kind And, if you do, you’ll surely find The “may-may” (love) that comes from within its heart You’ll bond and never want to be apart. “May-tah” (kiss) your Furby Babies and be “noo-loo” (happy) But don’t forget about big Furby, too. Together, Furby and Furby Babies form A family just like yours, the way it should be!