This is some concept art I made in about a minute or two about the furby. Maybe it would be made in like 2023 or something.

    I think there should be a new furby, with multiple color combos (Red, Orange, Yellow, Dark green, Blue, pink, purple, coral, and maybe a special edition gold). I don't really know of a clever name it could have. Maybe just be named after the year it was released like the 1998 and 2012 furbies. I have concept art for this furb. It should have an app that it connects to with Bluetooth as well and also talk to other furbies of it's type. Their eyes should be 320p if they can (each eye is 320 x 320 pixels) with the color capability of the connect. They should have sensors for when you maybe pull it's ear. And it's ears would be able to move up and down while also being able to move back and forth.

    Like the 2005 furby, it would have several voice commands. It's fur would be very thick and soft.

    It would have 8 personalities:

    1. (Default) Playful

    The furby likes to be tickled and pet. It laughs a lot and has a big sense of humor like the furby connect. It's the default personality, and can be re-obtained by tickling it a lot.

    2. Nice

    The furby doesn't really like being tickled that much, but instead likes to sing and be pet. It hates when you pull on it's ear or tail. It's obtained by petting the furb a lot.

    3. Scared

    You keep squeezing, tilting, or turning the furby upside down and the furby gets the scared personality and gets scared very easily when hearing noise. It closes it's eyes if it hears a loud noise and tries to cover itself up with it's ears.

    4. Mean

    This is obtained by pulling on the furby's tail or ears too much. It has an angry voice, and it won't respond to voice commands. In the app, it'll stop giving you gifts and surprises.

    5. Musician

    The furby has a voice that would sound good when the furby sings. It would be obtained by singing to your furby a lot and the furby would start singing like crazy, start dancing even to scary noises, and be pretty jolly.

    6. Happy

    This would be obtained by feeding the furby a lot. It wouldn't dance that much, and if you ask it to dance, it would say it's too full to dance and it would rather play.

    7. Nerdy

    In the app, if you keep watching science videos with the furby, it will eventually get this personality. It will keep talking about science facts and have a command called "Tell me a fact!".

    8. Chatty

    If you just watch a bunch of videos in the app to entertain the furby, it will get this personality. The furby will always talk about stuff and ask you if it told you about stuff before.

    The furby 2023 would have, instead of a battery lid, a little flap that clicks into and out of place revealing a USB type C port for you to plug in the furby to charge it. It would have a Lithium Ion battery on the other side of the battery cover which is also able to be popped off for easy replacement. The furby 2023 would be a little bit bigger than the furby connect.

    The furby 2023's app would have it's own versions of furblings. They resemble the furby connect/boom furblings from their apps except no antennae, holes in their ears, and they look like the furby 2023 (the furbling would look like the furby 2023 but be shorter and have a baby-like appearance, also it would have a functional beak too and not be stuffed, but instead have an AAA battery compartment that clicks in and out of place) and it would be like a combination of the furby connect app in the sense of all the interactivity and the furbling games from the furby boom app.

    There should also be merch for this furby. There wasn't really merch for the furby connect or even furby boom I'm pretty sure. So first, let's talk about the box. It would have a new furby logo that looks futuristic (seriously though, that hasn't been changed
    Next furby case

    Box (concept art)

    in years and it's probably about time) and the furby would have a sleep mask that also comes in the box. It would also come with some furby clothing depending on the color of the furby in a different box that's inside the main box.

    It would also come with a carrying case that looks like a bag. There will be screenshots of what this would look like.

    The clothes would fit furby perfectly, and there would be a big manual in the box. The furby would not only be able to move left, right, up, and down (like a furby connect),
    Furby carry case

    The carrying case.

    but also rotate it's head back and forth (like the furby boom). It would have 3 dances that are selected at random.

    Dance 1

    The furby will dance like a furby 2012.

    Dance 2

    The furby will move it's head back and forth.

    Dance 3

    The furby will dance like a furby connect.

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