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    What Color Is Your Furby?

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    • Pink , hot pink

      blue, tan


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    • Furby connect pink

      2012 blue/purple

      Furby boom crystal pink purple.

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    • I can't remember the colors of my boom but my G1 2012 Furby is the sugar plum I think

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    • Pink with polka dots (Furby boom, first furby, gotten in 2013. Many issues, so glitchy that it was forced into a no-battery coma by me)

      Purple furby with blue swirls and tummy (Furby baby, gotten in 2016)

      White furby (Furby 2012, gotten for *FREE* in 2016)

      Brownish/orangish/whitish furby (Furby 2005, gotten in 2016)

      Bluish/Teal (Furby connect, perfect except for the occasional voice garbal using the app. Gotten in 2017)

      Pink with polka dots (2) (Furby boom. Hope I win the bid!)

      Blue and white (Furby baby, hope I win!)

      Pink and white (Furby baby, hope I win!)

      Blue waves (Furby boom, hope I win!)

      Lightning yellow with blue background (Furby boom, hope I win!)

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    • Furby 2012: Orange and blue with yellow hair.

      Furby Connect: Teal

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    • Red and Orange

      Blue and Black

      Green and Beige

      Blue and Pink

      Purple and Beige


      Pink and Teal

      Pink, Yellow, and Blue

      Pink, Blue, and Black

      Blue and White

      Pink, Black, and Yellow


      Guess what they are! :)

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    • Pink and Black

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    • Brown and white, and the other one is brown and black!

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    • A FANDOM user
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