Tonkuri (トンクリ in Japanese)  is a Japanese 1998 Furby knock-off that looks like a hamster. It was sold in limited quantities and was only available online. It speaks Furdish like many other 1998 Furby fakes.


Its beak more closely resembles mammalian lips than the usual bird beak. It also has a little nose above its beak and plastic whiskers. It can come in four known color combinations: orange and white, blue and white, beige and white, and pink and white. The orange version closely resembles an anime hamster named Hamtaro.


  • Tonkuri uses the same voice as many other knock-offs, including Furbish and Baby Brainy, but Tonkuri's phrases are slightly modified.
  • Tonkuri and Papara were distributed by the same company.
  • Tonkuri's box says "パパラII" (Papara II) and the words "Part II" beneath it; this means that Tonkuri is a second version of Papara
  • Tonkuri's box and manual look very similar to Papara's.
  • When purchasing a Tonkuri, you could also purchase a backpack for your Tonkuri.
  • Tonkuri has the same battery compartment as Furdy but without the Furdy logo on it.

Tonkuri backpacks