FURBY WIKI DISCLAIMER: This is a fan made project that possibly involves modifying the stock software and parts shipped by hasbro. Doing so will void your warranty and FurbyWiki nor Open Furby are responsible for any damages done to your Furby. Proceed with caution!


The Furby Organ is a fan-made project by London-based YouTuber LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER, who took the internal components and created an organ based on the various pitches each Furby makes. Two versions had been created, one portable without skin.


  • Furby Organ 1.0's Furbys are entirely functional, being able to preform all of their original functions.
  • Furby Organ 1.0's Furby skins aren't entirely re-attached on, this is done to be able to fit all of the additional wires to play; giving a few of the Furbys an uncomfortable look.

Gallery Furby Organ 1.0

Gallery (Portable) Furby Organ 2.0



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