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he blue

he yellow :D I like yellow yellow nice

Hi, I'm Shimoka! (she-mo-kah :3) I exist and that's cool, right? I love robotic pets, especially Furbys!

Know anything lost media/canceled projects related? Id love to hear it!

My goal is to build a Furby Army, don't question it.

I also collect other robotics pets such as Zoomer or Mio Pup.

My favorite type of Furby is the 2012. (but I love them all!) The 2012 furbys come in vibrant yet pretty colors I love!

You can find me on the Zhu Zhu Pets and Fijit Friends wikis.

why do I love this so much


me want forb balloon

what a beauty

My Army

Furbys I plan on recruiting

Fun facts about me even though nobody cares!

  • I dislike most modern pop music, but other than that I like just about anything!
  • I'm really intrested by other things then just electronic pets, like Nintendo stuff, lost media, unused content (such as prototypes or beta stuff), anime, art & animation and video editing (no I don't actually post any videos I'm not confident enough yet.)
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with rhythm games, mainly Rhythm Heaven.