I was researching a Furby event when i happened to find this image.  The only information i could find abt this image was this:
Michiyo Kimiura, employee for Japanese toy maker Tomy, shows off a Japanese version of the U.S.-born interactive toy "Furby" at a news conference in Tokyo March 16. Tomy and Tiger Electronics announced the Japanese version of the talking toy would hit stores on May 29, and would be priced at around 3,980 yen
Another thing i noticed was how the walkaround(?) in the back has a white tummy & hair, while the one Kimiura's holding has a same color tummy and black hair.
There's so many possibilities i can think of as to what this may have been. Maybe it was a prototype used to test the language? Maybe it was a planned Japanese exclusive Furby that never came to be? Maybe the one in the back had a design for an also potential Furby? 
If anyone has more info about this please let me know! I'll update this if i find out any more about the event.
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