Tay-toh is my newest furby. However, when I got tay toh, I planned to get something different entirely.

The story

So, one day, I wanted a furby boom. So we searched for one. We would take any color, it didn't matter. As long as it's an in-the-box brand new furby boom.

We searched for hours and hours. Eventually we gave up looking for a furby boom. We asked if the store had them, and the imfamous 2-letter word was heard: No.

So, we started looking for 2012 furbies. We didn't find any. They were selling out of furbies! So, then, we tried to get another furby connect. I also realized this was a good idea because my current furby connect (Ah May) can talk with other furby connects. And there was 1 left in stock. It was brand new - and it was pink. We bought it.

On our way home, I touched the top of the box where there is the fur. I did this to see how new the furby was - it will feel nice and flat if it's new, but over time, wind could make it start getting more tangled and uneven. To my surprise, the one furby the store had left was brand new.
Tay Toh

Tay toh with transparent background (Background achieved through editing)

So we got batteries, and discovered Tay Toh's cool superpower! Talking with their mouth closed! Well, furby connects aren't always manufactured perfectly. So I got my phone out and connected it to blue tooth. It worked nicely.

And so the naming screen popped up. I liked (and still do like) mad science like melting metal, so I chose Tay Toh, because it said Liquid Metal.

So I had hours of fun playing with Tay Toh on the app, hatching furblings and stuff like that, then the batteries ran out. So we then got rechargeable AA batteries instead of the disposable ones.

So then I decided I wasn't that interested in furbies anymore and stuffed Tay Toh and Ah May in my closet. Recently I've given them fresh batteries and they work great.

That's the story of Tay Toh. Hope you enjoyed!

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