I thought I'd quickly post this for people to know about these fakes, and because I plan on working on a page for them when I can.

There are fake Furby buddies that look VERY close to the actual thing. I think the manufacturer name for them is called 'Sandy' according to a Rakuten listing (but I don't know if another company was also distributing them like how Robonagi is known to have had more than one distributor or if the listing is wrong). 

Want to know something surprising about this company? It made fake Furby buddies that look so much like custom Furbys!! I found the yellow bird version from a Thai user on Instagram and the green one is for sale on Rakuten (France) still! I thought it would have been sold by now since I saw it in 2015, but it's still for sale.

The main differences between a normal Furby buddy and the knockoff ones that look very close to the real ones include:

  • The eyes: If it has brown eyes, you will notice the eyes have a light brown ring that can be clearly seen on a dark brown background. Thing is, the ones with blue eyes have their eyes looking very identical to an actual Furby buddy's eyes. EDIT: I realized after updating this post previously, that the talking Furby buddys have identical-looking brown eyes. 
  • Battery compartment: so far, I've only known the knockoffs to have been sold in gen 1 Furby color schemes and in a gorilla Furby colour scheme. If it comes in any colours a talking Furby buddy wouldn't come in and has a battery compartment beneath with a voice box, then it's a fake.
  • Strings and keychains: Also, the fake ones have a loop of string on their heads with a keychain or suction cup attached (though I've seen ones with just thread on their head and no keychain).

Here's a link to the weird green one for sale from France that looks like a custom:

Here's a link to the yellow one that was being sold on Instagram from Thailand (it's possible they imported it from somewhere else since they have an Australian Furby restaurant toy):

Custom-looking Fakes

Fake Buddies that Look Identical To The Real Ones

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